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Title of event: Summer PD Course at Smith College

Registration closes on: 07/01/2009

Description of event:
This course covers the fundamental principles of engineering design within the context of structural engineering and construction technology. In this two-week, eight-day summer course at Smith College in Northampton, MA, participants will learn about the function of engineers and the engineering design process – the fundamental approach to solving problems in a variety of fields. Teachers will then go on to examine certain aspects of structural engineering, including structural materials, mechanics, and the design considerations and challenges for bridges and tall buildings. Concepts will be reinforced with examples of structures that have undergone spectacular failure. Participants will develop their structural engineering skills with at least one hands-on project that is appropriate for a middle school classroom and will strengthen their understanding of engineering concepts as defined in the Massachusetts Science and Technology/Engineer-ing Curriculum Framework, including engineering design and the design process, the nature of materials, construction technologies, and quantitative analysis. Specific standards to be addressed are Materials, Tools, and Machines, Engineering Design, and Construction Technologies. REQUIREMENTS: Data collection will be required as part of the program. All materials will be provided. A stipend of $1000.00 will be paid for full participation A pre-course meeting in the late spring, as well as a half-day formal follow-up in the fall/early winter, will also be required. PDP’s will be distributed upon completion of the workshop.

Registration for this event has been closed.
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